If there is one thing I wish I could change about myself, it would be my ability to make decisions and stick to that decision. I'm really, really bad at this.

Right now I have a choice I have to make. It's not that big of a deal, but the choice will determine where a specific amount of time and a bit of cash goes over the coming year. So what do I do? I have no idea. I ask for signs from God/The Universe all of the time, and the only answer I ever seem to sense is "you have to choose". haha!

I usually resort to good old fashioned T-charts. What are the benefits versus drawbacks? This is really practical and sometimes useful but how do you know when you have to just follow your heart.

Any thoughts or advice? Anyone?

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Well my dear, this is a tough one..you know me, I'm all over the follow your heart piece of it, but at the end of the day ..dreams do cost both peace of mind and money...and only you know how much disposable income is needed to manage those costs. Food, shelter, clothing and doctor/medical when needed must come first, before you consider testing the mad-crazy, luxury of tempting dream to reality.
Love you

:) Thank you Aunt Col. Very good and much needed advice!

Advice I have read, is to always put back and save 10% of your income for emergencies. I'm not as good at it anymore. But, what used to always work for me, was to pay my bills as soon as I got them, then save all else that I didn't need for necessities. I would over estimate my spending in my checkbook, when writing it down and under estimate my paychecks and what was left of them after purchases, so that I'd always come out on top and I'd have the money for emergencies and costly things. Say, if you were to do this for a few months to a year (give or take), you will be set for success. But, always hold enough back to enjoy as well, so that you can keep your head up. Just my thoughts.. Hope they help..

Thanks so much Michael, that is great advice! It's so important to enjoy yourself, pay the bills, and have little extra in case of emergencies, but hard to always balance that out. 


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