A thoughtful MDN member had the idea of starting a discussion about the 26 random acts of kindness movement / pay it forward that started to commemorate the victims at Sandy Hook Elementary. I was thinking about this today and was having a hard time thinking of random acts of kindness I could do. I realize I'm probably just taking this too seriously, but a lot of other people probably are too.

FYI- the idea here is to pay it forward to 26 people in honor of each victim. This means you perform an act of kindness to anyone, but you explain to them that they have to pay it forward to 26 people now since they are a recipient. How cool, right?!

Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas for where one could start with this sort of thing. Today I felt stuck. All I could think of was writing a little note that says " you deserve love " and tucking it under a random car windshield wiper. LOL but then I thought that was cheesy, especially since I would also have to leave a note with the quick pay it forward explanation.

Thoughts? Ideas?

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Some people think the world owes them everything and don't realize it till the favors stop. And it's no reason to stop. But, sometimes if it's someone you see often and they don't show any appreciation, I think it's fair to occasionally hold back on the favors till they notice and learn to appreciate them more. It's kinda like the thing "you don't miss things till they're gone". I'm tired and can't think of a specific quote. But, you know what I mean. And when they begin to appreciate things again, they may in turn, learn to be there for others in times of need. Even the smallest gesture can go the longest way.


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