is there anyone here besides me who's in love with Asian movies\ dramas ?

umm , I can't say exactly what I love about them . it started as curiosity about another race _ I love how Asians look _ so I started exploring . 

I've watched so many romantic and romantic comedy dramas that still not pretty much realistic & can be so emotional & worth time of a dreamy single girl as me and gives moments of pure joy. I noticed most of the fans are girls too.

but then I started watching other genres too & they're also great as well

now I'm a regular fan & surprisingly I found alot of fans all over the world. I think they're different and worth watching . my brother would say they're silly but I don't think so.

anyway , I just wanted to recommend Asians particularly " Korean - Japanese " for anyone who would like to explore new cultures and new arts .[ that's go as well for Egyptian as my own culture.] I can give you recommendations for to start with too


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Very cool Nayosh! We love comedies:) We have a little girl so at the moment is a little hard to watch anything let alone a movie with sub-titles but let us know any funny ones and we'll give it a try:)

Nayosh, my brother in law (Enrrico's brother) loves Anime! Not sure if that's your thing but he posts a lot of the drawings on here :)

my roommate just got me into , flower boy next door . its addicting , lol

1(Boys over Flower) 2(Secret Garden) 3(My Fair Lady)are pretty good, specially boys over flower, they and many more are available at Netflix Instant. I'm a big Anime fan, but I do watch Korean or Japanese drama sometimes, they have so much more feelings than the American ones.. LOL

Hope you like them..


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