I want to try to relax more this new year, also not work as much, try to do more fun things with my family, see more of my family, actually sticking to exercise, to be able to connect people on our network and hope to inspire and be inspired by others. I'm very confident that I can achieve most of this goals for this year. I'm excited to hear about everyone else's goals!

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My goal is to learn Plasma Physics, or at least try :) go back to the GYM, Draw more and maybe join a Yoga studio!!!

I know plasma theory but don't drink that hateororate lol I'll buy your first pair of spandex

LOL at the spandex! There is a yoga studio on Orange St in Lancaster I've always wanted to visit. It looks small and low key but really nice. They offer shiatsu massage there, too!

I'll have to check it out, because Evolution Yoga is kind of expensive :)

I hope you get to experience all this :) I'm hoping to move on from the learning and intellectual side of stuff and get into the nitty gritty of doing this year. Happy 2013 to you!

Than you Emily I hope all your dreams come true this new year:)

Good for you I think your goals can definitely be achieved sometimes it's ok to cut loose and act wild sometimes I say go for it. Find new hobbies that are different, hang with people you wouldn't typically hang with.


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