People say this a lot right before they have something unpleasant to say. I always tell people they are never a downer when they are honest. I feel honored whenever anyone trusts me enough to share their honest feelings with me. Especially when they are going through a tough time or processing difficult emotions.

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I totally agree with you honey, and not just because we're marry but because is the truth

You only agreed because we're married! Just kidding. Thank you :)

True! As I get older I am learning more and more that it pays to be honest!!!

I think so, too. It makes for more genuine relationships, for sure.

I totally understand and agree. I'm usually everyone's "go to guy", when they need a listening ear. Not only does it make them feel better to be heard, but also makes me feel good to be the person they feel they can come to. And it's always nice to hear those magic words, "you always know what to say, to make me feel better". I guess, I learned from growing up as the world's stepping stone. And being a poet, tends to help, when it comes to finding the right words they need to hear.


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