Everyday I have this juice - at least 16 ounces but usually closer to 32, without the apple. I included the apple in the recipe because for most people new to juicing, the apple makes all the difference. I like to avoid the fruit sugars and instead substitute NuNaturals stevia. Soooo good and perfectly refreshing!

4 ounces cucumber or celery juice, or 1/2 bunch of celery, or 2 cucumbers

4 ounces romaine juice, 1 medium sized head of romaine

2 ounces kale juice, 1 big bunch of kale

4 ounces apple juice (again, I like Fuji or gala), 1 or 2 apples

2 ounces lemon juice, 1 or 2 lemons

Add some ginger for an extra kick!

Run through your juicer and enjoy. 

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