Hello all! I hope that most of you made it through the storm ok...our family did thank God! However, I have many friends that live in Seaside and they were greatly affected by Sandy. I wanted to help by donating items to the victims but wasn't sure if I would have others interested in helping. I don't really mean financially because I need that help myself lol--but I can donate clothing, ect and I am sure you all can as well...thoughts??

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Hey Mare! Such a great idea (and I'm glad you and most of Flo seems to be doing good). I'd be happy to bring things like sweatshirts (something I know off hand we have more than enough of) next time I'm in town, which should be soon. I can bring them to you or leave them at my parents' house...either way happy to help however I can. I can post this as an event on here if you'd like? There are a few people on MDN from NJ that would probably be interested in helping out. 

Thanks, Mar! I think now clothes aren't as much as a need...but people still need so much help. My friend and his mother lost practically everything and it's awful

I've heard the same thing. I'm honestly so out of the loop with what's going on. What do people need? Do you have any ideas? Mostly things like money and shelter I'm guessing? 


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