Honestly. Far too frequently we know someone who has not smoked or abused themselves in any way but who is having a very serious medical battle. Why? I know my niece will say it has a lot to do w ingested toxins, and I believe she is right...so then how do we combat the FDA? Do I sound like I'm looking for somewhere or something to blame, you betcha...can anyone suggest another path for me to expend this frustration? I'm already saying my prayers for healing and I know I'm not alone w these frustrations.

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It's incredibly frustrating to eat well and stay away from carcinogenic substances because you have to be SO AWARE. People are so busy and it's easy to just grab whatever convenient food is available. That's why there are so many health coaches out there. They are in demand because people are really suffering. So many people are suffering. 

I think the answer is to take the matter into our hands and empower ourselves by looking for the truth and questioning the authorities and buying food that is mostly organic produce and even growing our own stuff organically. It sounds pretty extreme I guess, but I think we're living in a time where we are making huge transitions and stepping away from following what we've done for so long and getting back to simpler way of living and with that we will become healthier and happier. I hope. :)

Your points are good, very good...the challenge is exactly as you said...making time to shop, prepare and eventually consume whole foods...preferably organic. I have made healthier choices when shopping...but preparing, etc while working full time and managing schedules far too often leaves my produce to rot prior to consuming. It's exasperating to think about such waste...and that loved ones do there best, but still get (insert profanity here) very sick.

I think that making soups and sauces on the weekend is really helpful. Like making a big pot of soup that you can stretch over a couple of dinners or take to work in a thermos for lunch. I really like making soup with sweet potatoes and then blending half of it to make it creamy. Enrrico likes that mixed with brown rice. You can serve it with some wild fish or a bag of frozen broccoli florets cooked with some garlic salt or Mrs. Dash or some seasoning like that, and then mix it with the soup and fish or rice. 

For salad, I always buy the greens in the plastic containers, ready to eat. To make that easier, maybe just buy a jar of really delicious salsa, maybe some good olives, and cucumbers. You can dress it with whatever is easy and NON-GMO and you have a quick easy meal, I think. 

I think the hardest part is making it all a habit. 

I love the creamed sweet potato for soups idea! Do you blend w a blender or do you cream it w a food processor? I had salsa w my celery sticks at lunch... Good food is sooo delicious.


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