Being a father is truly a blessing. I don't mean to sound like I'm the perfect dad. I have and will make mistakes raising our children but I will always let them know that I love them. Even though right now we only have one beautiful girl I know  in the future we'll have another one.

My goal as a father is to respect and support my kids and their decisions. I believe that the cycle of life is to learn from mistakes that our parents might of made while raising us and try our best not to do the same, to put ourselves in our kids' shoes when they're going through something and think back on how we would of loved for our parents to react and then make our decision. A lot of times we just act quick and then regret what we've done or said. You'll be amaze how words can hurt a child, even more than beating them, which I'm obviously totally against. I love my daughter and future kids more than anything in this world. I'm also blessed to have married a beautiful woman who has my heart and have an awesome brother who I love to death. I consider myself a very fortunate guy and I  thank God for giving me the energy to build a beautiful life, not without it's fair share of pain and suffering, but without it I wouldn't be the person I'm today. Thank you to family,  my wife for putting up with my crazy ass and our daughter, mighty Xavier, my awesome brother, and my mother and father in-law.

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