A man's best friend. That is the title of this post and I'm going to tell you why. Our english bulldog has a hereditary heart problem and I didn't know that until today when I took him to the vet for what I thought were stomach problems. I still remember when I went with my brother and a couple friends to pick him out. You see, my brother bought him a little over ten years ago. Mighty Xavier was my brother's dog, but I was there all the time when he was a puppy.I used to drive to Lancaster from Philly every day just to see him and of course I spoiled him all the time and just let him do his thing with out my brother knowing. Needless to say, every time I left I felt sad because I wanted to take him with me and I knew he wanted to come with me.

Well after a while my brother was getting a little bothered because as everybody knows english bulldogs are stubborn and since I spoiled him so much it was driving my brother crazy (he is a little bit more strict with that kind of stuff) anyway when I moved back to my house in Lancaster I had to fix it all up because I had rented it to friends who destroyed it. I used to take Xavier from my brother every time I had a chance till one day I asked my brother if he wanted to sell him to me, after all he paid $1500 for him. So I offered him my laptop and my xm satelite radio in exchange, maybe there was some cash involved, I don't remember but the transaction went smoothly and mighty Xavier became all mine.

We've had our differences between the two of us, but one thing that has never changed is the love we both have for each other he is always been here for me when I needed an ear to talk to with out judgment. This is prior to meeting my beautiful wife, anyway we do everything together. We eat at the same time we get up at the same tie we chill at the same time, he is truly an amazing creature.

When I met my wife Xavier didn't want to share the bed. We have a king sized bed and we always slept together. When she would come over and we would try to cuddle he would step over us and get right between us and strech his legs to push her away from me. It was hilarious! Every time, it never failed! It took years to get him to stop doing that and start sleeping by our feet.

He is the nicest creature you'll ever meet. About two years ago, prior to my wife getting pregnant with our first child he got sick. He had cancer on his front paw and they had to cut one of his toes off he also had a small tumor in his eyelid which they also cut off. This was very hard for us, and very expensive. After we picked him up he seemed a little out of it but we figured it was the drugs. But that night he was sleeping on the couch and when I came out to see him in the morning there was vomit everywhere, and I mean nasty, nasty vomit. So we cleaned every thing and took him back they didn't know what was the problem. They tried putting fluids in him but nothing seemed to work so they told us we needed to take him to Frazer which is almost one and half hours away because he had something inside his stomach. We drove there, now keep in mind it's been several days with very little sleep and we didn't eat anything because we thought it was going to be ok but anyway, we made it to Frazer and they told us that he needed surgery to remove a mass from his stomach.

We drove home exhausted but trying to stay positive, and then we got the call sometime in the early morning hours that the operation was a success. That he was fine and on the next day I went to visit him he seemed better. It was almost like he knew he had to go there. I love this dog soo much, I can't believe this was going on but after another day we went and picked him up the drive home was awful he was still tired and all cut up in his eye his paw and his stomach all within three days not to mention the debt we went into to get him well again.The way we saw it was that he never got sick other than the usual ear infection or irritation (if you have an english bulldog you know these are normal things with them) so we never looked back. We worked hard, paid it off in one year and mighty Xavier was very happy just like the times before any operations (it was a massive hair ball that they took out of his stomach)!

Once my wife became pregnant we had to teach him to sleep out on the couch instead of in bed with us. This was not easy to do and it broke my heart every time I heard him crying outside our door but eventually he realized that there was a baby coming. You'd be surprised at how smart these beautiful creatures are. Once our baby came into this world things got very crazy around the house but mighty Xavier always kept his cool.  In a small way I feel that I've neglected him in some way because of our busy schedule between my roofing, our social network, and the baby it's been crazy however not once did I stop loving this beautiful creature and I know he never stop loving me. As I write this I have tears in my eyes, not for sadness but for happiness to have the priviledge to know such a beautiful creature. Yes, he rattled my cage evrytime he shit downstairs or puked because he eats too fast but we both have unconditional love for each other.

My beautiful Xavier, I know he is going to pull through and we will have many more years of fun together. I love you, you're my boy.


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Comment by Donna Ferenzi on April 20, 2013 at 8:30pm
Although I have never met Xavier, I can just see how much he is loved by both you and Marlena! I am sure he is going to be just fine! Keep us updated...
Comment by Elena Cipriano on April 20, 2013 at 8:16pm
A beautiful story Enrrico - X is a very lucky boy to have you in his life!
Comment by Marlena Torres on April 20, 2013 at 8:02pm
This made me teary. I knew when I met you that you had a good heart because of how you were with Xavier. He's a great dog. It's weird without him in the house right now. I can't wait for him to be home again :)

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