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My digital notebook is the new social network to go if you want to be inspired or connect with others, and to create a better life for yourself and everyone around you.

MDN was created as a free platform for you to use and share your experiences. We all go through a lot in our lives and sometimes need some uplifting and encouraging words that do not need to come from experts or famous people, but from people like you and me, people who are experiencing the same things, people who have for the same goals and might need some advice on how to achieve their dreams, or simply want a place to feel positive vibes and read uplifting stories from everyday people.

MDN has blogs, forums, groups, videos, pictures, healthy recipes.  To make it easy to get started, MDN even has short videos that will show you how to use the entire network.

You can post your very own videos and which ever video gets the most views will be featured for everyone to see. If you want to share your MDN content you can do so on other social networks such as facebook, twitter, and google plus. You can share on these social media outlets with the click of a button underneath of your post. This way you can always be connected with everyone!

Our goal is not to compete with anyone but to provide a useful platform where you can rest assured we're looking for your best interest as well as getting inspired and making new friends that will help you create a better life for yourself. We're aware that we can't please everyone but we will try our best and never give up because our dream and our goal is to build a better world for our kids who are the future of these planet, as well as for ourselves through compassion, positive vibes, and honesty.

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